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Internal Democracy
Deep Wireless Festival May 2015
Voice group work at Toronto City Hall
call for participants coming soon

Radio equals
current work
visual documentation only for participants
Writings by Alison Cooley; by
Leena Raudvee




7a-11d International Performance Art Festival, Oct30 - Nov2, 2014
blog of the festival - look for
Dispatch I from Landsgemeinde by Alison Cooley

polaroid taken at the end of

beet/betterave rouge
Rhubarb Festival, 519, Feb 10-12, 2012
one-to-one performance using food and clothing to deeply shift gender identity.

claude wittmann

since i have started to work in the public space and/or with participants, i have often decided that documentation would be a nuisance to the intent rather than a help and i have therefore decided not to care as much about the need for documentation for grant applications.


is not a miracle. it is a practice.
can be triggered by believing in and embodying an apparently absurd intent.