needs to be called "he". does not know if this is for ever. has done deep gender identity work, some of it interactive. practice is the new. transform is more like the old.
interested in "meeting" and "facing" and in "sliding into life", i.e. not really perform. today, it is october 26, 2014 and his current work is joining sound and equality and
just yesterday, it became clear that the source of this work is his throat. has performed in festivals, in curated events, in self-produced pieces, and in the public space.
i am a citizen
clowittmann at gmail dot com



Radio Equals and Lansgemeinde
: 7a-11d, International Festival of Performance Art, Oct29 - Nov2, 14, Toronto
This is the scariest project i have done.

radio confessions: in public spaces, with Coman Poon, part of Deep Wireless curated by NAISA, Toronto, 4 sundays in May 2014
documentation only for participants, no recordings
Radio supports the work tangibly.

trans temporary radio: workshop-performance at VIVA with radio transmission in public spaces, September 30 - October 12, 2013, Montréal
with Morgan Sea, Sarah Zakaib, Soufia Bensaid, Holly Timpener. recordings not published
Self-disgust is deeply universal. Saying it in public and on radio clarifies identity.

radio on the street: with Eric Létourneau, at Bloor and St.-Clarens April 4-8, 2013
for jean-luc-nancy-1; for-jean-luc-nancy-2; stills by Henry Chan, vidéo by Eric Létourneau
I feel open to others when i claim my vulnerabilities on radio on the street.

May 1st, 2012 with Simon Rabyniuk, broadcast by CIUT
sound; picture of Simon

tiny social practice: something about public space with Lo Bil, Leena Raudvee and Johannes Zits, 2013
working with death creates boundaries, do we need paradox to transform? i become a little girl when i prepare to go in the public space and i resist, my eyes give me disgust when i am outside, until i become aware that this is a resistance and address the resistance. then, things can appear beautiful. we try to slide into life when we are out and maybe to trigger some change.
flag ripple effects:
chief Theresa Spence is on hunger strike (Winter 2013)
shame flag, speech-action at Trans March Rally, Norman Jewison Park, Toronto, June 29, 2012; Video by Alexandra Gelis
9 afternoon residency at Occupy Toronto, (October 2011); Article by MJ Thompson; My report with stills by Henry Chan
When somebody takes up my flag and goes away, i feel i have done the work.

social practice:
transform the internalized oppressor:
Occupy Toronto (Fall 2011), at HUB14 (Spring 2012), Ryerson/York U, April 28, 2012
this is a practice that uses breath and voice to slowly move the internal oppressor. written at occupy: black white something at the border guilt carrying stone fall relief and we exchanged the flags. flags stayed but rooster you disappeared and i gave a mouth to the dirt fingers hurt and the mouth disappeared. glasses of milk? baby feet and rotting adult legs are the same from different perspectives. is chicken near?
oppressor: you move through my throat and a dead hand comes in my left hand with images on its ring. a beach, a wall and a hole to see water. there is German language. this is about the land of my ancestors. oppressor: you come out again, more, and at night my dad has tender green/blue eyes and he says that he can get me a coat if i am cold.
This practice works. Why didn't it fly?

impossible task: calling the chicken again, MARKIT, curated by Coman Poon and VideoFag, Kensington Market, March 30, 2013, voice and feedback
Stills by Henry Chan; Video by Simlâ Civelek
The unknown is not a citizen.

materialized dream: Chicken on political land - 1st year anniversary of the G20; curated by Coman Poon. Sketch Studio. I brought together a dream, a call for the chicken spirit and feedback noise, June 26, 2011; Sound; Stills by Henry Chan

polaroid taken at the end of
beet/betterave rouge
Rhubarb Festival, 519, February 10-12, 2012
one-to-one performance using food and clothing to deeply shift gender identity.
  transformation is not a miracle.
practice then.

Ce projet commence alors que je me sens castrée
April 11-July 10, 2010
Photos by Alexandra Gelis and Ryan Enn Hugues
This project sent me outside.


directed by Geoffrey Pugen, shot July 7-14, 2007, in Kaladar, Ontario

Self-directed performance

Deep learning about resistance, intent and transformation.

sound residency at Somewhere There:
August and September 2012: visits by Holly Timpener, Kaia Vintr, Grey Muldoon, Simla Civelek.
I started by exploring overstimulation and this led me to grief

past projects


Foreign body
(7'), directed by David Rendall (2010)

Utopics/Zenith, directed by Geoffrey Pugen, shot July 7-14, 2007, in Kaladar, Ontario

A Swiss woman... (2004), directed by Richard Mandin

Economies of Scale (4'), directed by Brenda Goldstein (2003)

Incantation (5'), music video for Gates, directed by Justin Oakey (2011